The board had been firm – discretion mattered. When word got out, there would be trouble within Webster Technical Consultants, stock would drop and the perp, aware of the investigation could flee taking his ill-gotten gains with him before he could be captured and the money returned. Having said that some ‘one on one’ consultation was inevitable.  Navigating through the entire employee list would certainly alert staff something was up.  He wanted to look in their eyes as he asked pertinent questions to better determine the truth of their words.

So far, he’d managed to weed out 94 ‘possibles’ leaving a lot of legwork to cover.  There were pin numbers or fingerprint pads required to open access different levels of security which meant he could eliminate anyone that didn’t fall within the specified criteria.

By the end of the afternoon, Randal had eliminated another 100 leaving 106 to check.  It was getting late and he’d promised Sherry a barbecue.  He could continue his work after dinner since she’d be heading home early as she was always up at six with her shift starting at seven thirty.  Feeling good about his progress he hurried to the door and locked it behind him his walk brisk as he headed to his car.

Randal enjoyed the drive home to his isolated property located 10 miles outside city limit meaning he didn’t have to contend with nosey neighbours.  Not that people were necessarily a problem, but he preferred to keep a healthy distance having witnessed the seedier side of life on a constant basis.  Since he had no road into the property other than auto drive, it eliminated a lot of unwanted traffic.

He wasn’t home a half hour before he heard Sherry’s vehicle land.  His face lit up.  Knowing her penchant for veggie anything, he’d scoured the internet for a new recipe he hoped she’d enjoy.

She knocked and walked.  “Hello lover boy.  Good day at the office?”

“You bet!”  He plopped a kiss on her lips as he passed on by her out the door to the barbecue he’d prepped before her arrival.

“I brought wine.  Decided this was a special occasion.”

“Wine with dinner sounds great.”

“Want to pass me those tongs?  I started the meat early and cleaned the grill so you wouldn’t have an aftertaste in your peppers.”

“That’s what I enjoy about you, Randal, your thoughtfulness knows no limits.”  She raised and kissed his cheek.

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