“Oooh, what did you use?  They look scrumptious!”

“A little of this a little of that!  It promises to be delicious.”

Settling into an Adirondack chair across from the barbecue, she stretched out.  “This is such a beautiful property, Randal.  Beauty as far as the eye can see.  Untouched forests with a stream and plenty of wildlife.  There’s always a bird chirping somewhere and bees buzzing.  It’s idyllic.”

“I never did ask whether you did all this yourself, or you bought it as is.”

“A lot of the property had been opened up before I got here, but I brought in a landscape artist to clear some land, plant and build the deck.  I suppose I could have taken the time to do it, but I had other things on my mind.”

“It’s certainly an achievement.  I love sitting here. It’s easy to relax into the peaceful surrounding here.”

The peppers were on the grill with his turkey stuffed peppers in the warming compartment so he returned to the kitchen to grab some wineglasses and the wine and after pouring it, sat down beside her.

“You feeling better about your decision?”

“Yes, yes I am.  Knowing you care enough to help us work through the travel issues relieved my mind considerably.  Occasionally it won’t be possible with our work schedules, I get that.  Then again, I’m not sure the hours or commitment required in this position.  I’ll know soon enough, but you are right, we can overcome most obstacles.” She leaned in and kissed him, caressing his face, “We’re good together, Randal.  I like where we’re going.”

“I do too, lovely one.”

Dinner was heavenly with a fresh salad and garlic bread that added to the pizzazz.  And as soon as the dishes were cleared, they made their way to his bedroom and a sexy and very romantic evening.  They cuddled for a while in the afterglow before Sherry admitted she was tired headed to the shower where another romantic interluded was enjoyed.  She should have expected it, in fact she did and delighted in Randal’s erotic side, a delight as a lover.

Randal saw her off before heading inside and accessing the data he’d stored earlier.  Back to work!  Feeling rejuvenated, he narrowed down his list of suspects by another 80 and feeling pleased, shut everything down to headed out for a late-night jog.

3 thoughts on “Phase Shift 7

    1. In Hardy, the winter days were dark from3:30 4:00 until 8 9 in the am. I used to have a difficult time with it, I need light! and lots of it! especially during winter. Moving here has dissolved that issue, thankfully. Although I’ve seen a hummingbird yay! and robins, we had snow last night, a skiff, then sleet so we aren’t entirely over the hump of winter as yet. It went down to -4 and -5 (oddly between 4 and 9 then by midnight it was 0 and by 6 it was 5 degrees. Completely odd!

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