He’d nearly finished his run when he stopped and shook his head.  What the hell?  A blurry undecipherable image played out before his eyes like watching a video through cellophane, indistinct foggy and unclear. No, it was like looking through a rain filled window then fog to see what lay beyond.  He couldn’t make it out, it made no sense and as quickly as it shifted into view, it was gone.  Randal leaned forward planting his hands on his knees catching his breath.  Phase shift!  He couldn’t explain the anomaly, didn’t know where to begin. Couldn’t wrap his brain around what had happened.

Breathing deeply to reorient himself he straightened and took a few shaky steps.  Better.  He resumed his jog and entered the kitchen door.  Whatever that was, it wasn’t just disconcerting, it was damn weird.  He let it drop as he undressed, showered and climbed into bed.  There were more important considerations.

Upon waking, he laid prone on the bed allowing the bright sun to permeate his soul.  It was going to be a good day he could feel it.  Finally pulling himself up, he shaved, dressed and made breakfast.

As he drove to the office he watched others scurrying about their daily business.  All was right with his world.  Theirs too presumably, he decided witnessing broad smiles and a skip in many a step.

By lunch he’d culled out 20 more possibilities, but left them on the short list.  Spreadsheets although invaluable only told some of the story.  Looking into their eyes, watching their body language told so much more.

He set up the first three interviews from one until four in different locations setting a relaxing mode out of their comfort zone ie their officer or home surroundings.  By the end of the afternoon, he’d possibly eliminated all three.  Unless they were incredibly good at lying, they were clear.

Two people on his list agreed to evening meets so he’d postponed dinner until he was finished  to concentrate on each one individually.  When he’d finished the last interview, he grabbed a taco salad to go and as he drove home, ate quickly.  He didn’t like eating in his vehicle but it was a necessity on this occasion.  As soon as he was in his home office, he brought up his hologram and using Jiffy, a program he’d created, related his notes by voice into the database.  He smiled, every step was a a step closer to solving the case.  He knew it, he felt it!

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