He’d played the game forever

Thinking he was so clever

Clawing his way to the top

Every friendship a whistle stop

Used as a ladder to success

Good at playing his game of chess

Then he made the mistake of his life

He stepped hard on the boss’s wife

He’d failed to research this time

Her maiden name was Rheims

Walking into the big man’s office

She sat alongside him, flawless

The jig was up the man’s face furious

Not in this place, this kind of disgrace

Not a sign of chagrin on his face

Bigger fish to fry, he’d give it another try

Word got round, he had a black eye

No one would touch him, rejected

The man was very well connected

Hoist by his own petard, sedition

Betrayed by his own ambitions

He’d lost it all in one felled swoop

It would take time for him to regroup





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