“Yes. A couple of friends on the force stood by me and I got my license.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Nothing to say.  I’ll set the record straight when I get enough corroborating evidence.  Outside the force, I may have a better chance of clearing my name.”

“Will that get you back on the force?”

“Probably not, until the powers that be change or I apply elsewhere which was a possibility, but this is where I live and the after effects were unfair to friends and family placed unfairly under a microscope as a result.”

“I’m sorry, Randal.” Leaning forward she wrapped her arms around him.  “Must have been more than unpleasant to deal with.  Obviously, it’s still ongoing if his reaction is anything to go by.”

“Unfortunately, there are a few on the force (unaware of the truth) that shake their heads and turn away.”

“That must be hard to take.”

“It’s not easy.”

“Especially when you clearly love what you do.”

“Thank you for trusting me with this. Not easy dredging up ghosts.”

“Depends.  It’s not a subject I willingly bring up.”

Handing him a glass of wine, she kissed him fervently.

They sat arms wrapped around each other lost in thought.

Randal rarely wasted time on the ‘what-might-have-been’ in life instead concentrating on the here and now and possibilities ahead.  That didn’t mean he didn’t have irons in the fire working to clear his name.  Whether he ever returned to the police force was a question in itself, but there were other considerations.

Sherry knew something monumental had happened.  Although Randal was good at his job, a straight up kind of guy,  she’d sensed an unspoken yearning.  In other circles, she could picture him as a leader, the man others followed.  She’d wondered how and why he’d become a PI.  Indeed, his uncle’s example was exemplary and at first, she’d thought that was the reason, but something told her there was more.  Indeed, there was and she hurt for him, knowing in the depth of his soul he still felt it, the betrayal.

3 thoughts on “Phase Shift 14

  1. Was she hinting that he could move with her and try there? And did he just basically say no, this is where I live? The romantic in me is weeping, but then they are so good together, what a tug of war without actual war.

  2. I’m leaving a comment for two reasons. First I am loving this story and the characters. Second, I’m checking the 404 click count.

    1. Thank you Sheryl so much! I wouldn’t have know the problem was continuing without you and Cimm mentioning it. It isn’t happening for us to see on this end.

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