My Z to Z Challenge theme is love and romance in all it’s quirkiness. Requited, unrequited, familial, romantic. Hope you enjoy.


He was head over heels in love with her.  A sonnet, a poem, a love song, he’d tried them all attempting to romance her.   Other than a flicker of a smile or raised eyebrow, nothing had motivated her enough to turn and acknowledge any of his attempts.

What more must could he do?  She was an adorable alluring attractive woman who continually filled his dreams.  Her romantic effortless allure swirled, spoke volumes.

This wasn’t just a fling, a crush, but in his mind held endless possibility.

To that end he wrote out one single sentence on a hand-made card that read,

“Give us a try, we are worth it!”

He placed the pretty card on the corner of her desk half hidden by a book she was editing so only she would notice it.  He left for lunch.

She found it, read it and turned toward his empty desk.  It was time, she decided.

A commotion caught her attention and she faced the door.  All eyes were trained on his empty desk.  He wouldn’t be returning – there’d been an accident…


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