Her eyes were drooping and he shifted, lifted her and cradled her in his arms.  “My precious one.”  He kissed her cheek.  “I’d say it’s time for bed.”

Snuggling closer, her ‘Mhm,” was but a whisper.

Randal carried her to her bedroom and tucked her into bed and covered her up.  There would be other nights.  He kissed her cheek before exiting the bedroom and closing the door.

He cleaned up their glasses and quietly let himself out.

He knew this day was coming, that at some point he’d have to explain.  He was both angered and annoyed that Reese Prichard had tarnished a perfect moment.  As he drove home he thought about retribution.  Possible, but not his style.  Not yet anyway.

When he woke, he found a message from Sherry apologizing for falling asleep on him.  She was chagrined that one glass of wine was enough to send her off to lala land and had invited him over for a different ending to their evening.  After agreeing, he headed to his office.

There he brought up the information relating to the incident that got him kicked off the force. He couldn’t let it go just yet.  Holograms popped up, the scene from a variety of angles, the kid dead, his report, then the newspaper articles ripe with innuendo and outright lies.  Inwardly he seethed.  Although his greatest ambition was to right the wrong, he had other priorities to deal with.  Sighing he closed the program and opened his current case.

Two hours in, he’d eliminated two more suspects.  So far, so good.  The holo-work always took time as necessity demanded. As an invaluable tool, wading through, inspecting closely every nuance, every possibility, every trail, collecting all the evidence pro or con until a determination could be made. If any questions remained, a personal follow up.

Checking the time, he headed out to meet Mara Townsend.  Higher up the food chain with connections to one of the board members, a distant cousin, she deserved a second look. A looker by all accounts, a woman that would turn heads with her rich dark hair and brown eyes.  She knew how to command attention, reveled in it, expected it.  Obviously feeling deserving, she sat and stared hard before pouting her crimson lips and leaning forward.  “To what do I owe the pleasure?”


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