Frazer stood on the sidelines, watching.  The Garden Show was well attended and a stroke of genius, drawing hundreds to the opening of their latest Hotel.  Their efforts justifiably rewarded by constant words of appreciation, smiles, nods, the glow on enthusiast’s faces.

Glancing back and forth, he spotted a lovely young woman roaming alone.  She was as beautiful bedazzling bewitching as the Garden’s themselves.  He stood straighter watching her progress. Pleasure upon her face, she stopped now and again and took a photo with a high-powered lens. Intrigued, he stepped down curved patio steps onto the manicured lawn leading to the garden.  Picking up two Champagne glasses and headed her way.  Engrossed she didn’t notice his approach and started when he said hello.

“Care for a glass?”


He introduced himself.  She smiled acknowledgement.  “Yes, I know who you are.”

“I’m at a disadvantage then.”

“Frazer Albright.”

“Yes, I know who I am, I’d like to know more about you, starting with a name?”

“Melissa Emerson.”

“What brings such an exotic flower to our little garden party?”

“Intrigue, a desire to witness such beauty firsthand.”

“Delighted your enjoying.”

“A camera enthusiast?”

“Of sorts.”

He found her subtle dance compelling.


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