“I’m following up on some discrepancies in the change-over in data systems.  It seems some individuals found they were underpaid while others, the reverse.  According to the cheque issued you, you worked a total of 18 more hours than you received.”

“Truly, I never noticed.”

Randal followed up with a few personal questions and she blinked.  “Why, is that a proposition, a flirt, what was that?”

“Nothing of the kind, I assure you.”

“And here I thought you were coming on to me.”  She nestled back in her seat, her eyes alive and watchful now.”

“Do you ever let your guard down?” she asked with contrived warmth (body language to the contrary).

“Certainly, just not now.”

When the interview was over Randal moved her name up the list.  Something!  The sudden wariness apparent to a skilled observer.  She was very good at masking her thoughts and feelings at deflecting.  Too many questions to ignore, connections within connections.

His next appointment was in the city park.  Jerome Hansen was a jogger and meeting him in the park might relax his inhibitions.  The 5’10 brown haired brown eyed man walking his way did so with a swagger.  Randal perked up immediately.

“Thank you for meeting me here, Mr. Hansen.  Figured you for a jogger.  Seems I was correct.”

“Yeah, and I’m sure you knew that or you wouldn’t have suggested a meet here.”

“Why the clandestine route?”

“Nothing clandestine about it.  Some routine questions…” he went through the same spiel he’d given Mara Townsend.

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