Tamara was captivating.  Her strength determination frivolity combined with astute business sense meant her work was in demand and continually growing.  With a clear vision for her company and its future, she’d hired additional staff and moved steadily forward.

It was a brand-new niche and she’d fallen in love instantly. The increasing popularity and availability of 3D printers had inadvertently opened an entirely new class of artist. Through (CAD) computer-aided design, she’d brought her unique designs to life.

It was a relatively new artform so she’d taken the bull by the horns and promoted herself online and in galleries and stores.  Luckily everyone wanted her unique, ever evolving designs whether large or small for they delivered impact, something the newer gallery owners were looking for.  She’d hit at the right time got in on the ground floor and was flourishing.

Recently Anton Whitmore had opened a design shop using similar technique growing nearly as quickly as hers. His approach was varied and admittedly interesting. There were aspects of his design that were flawless.

What’s more he delighted in flaunting his success in her face. For all that he was a dish and charming. He intrigued her.  Damn the man!

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