Marisa sighed.  Eugene loved her beyond compare.  Loved her without exception, offering more than he gave.  He was elegant, endearing, in every possible way.  He cared and showed it with action.  Considerate, compassionate and exceptional in bed.

The sight of him filled her with delight, peace, enjoyment, but the fire was missing.  Why couldn’t she get to the fire?  Shouldn’t there be a sizzle or heart-pounding excitement?  All she could muster was a flutter that hummed gently inside.  Was she expecting too much?  Settling for too little?

Still her heart yearned for that rush, that flush of excitement, that buzz that said, ‘you’re alive’.  And it simply wasn’t there.

He was arriving momentarily and suggested he had a surprise and suggested she dress casually, warmth in mind.  A feather could have knocked her over.  She was standing in her driveway when a beautiful pimped out Harley came to a stop.  Eugene pulled off his helmet and grinned.  “Game for something different?”

Was I! Taking the helmet he offered, I threw my leg over the bike settled and hung on for the ride of my life! My heart thumped wildly! An ear to ear grin covered my face.

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