4 thoughts on “Gray days and Music! ah yes!

  1. Anyone who can sing is a star in my eyes. It’s the one thing I always wished I could do, but alas, I was never blessed with a good singing voice. 🙁

    1. I could sing well the lead in school choir on occasion, but man I LOVE music. Tried responding to your snow pics, but I was ousted. So I’ll just say it here, lol Loved the write up! and the pics! Love your blog, I come often. Can’t seem to tell you that though, cause I get booted. Something with wp cause it was happening on my blog only pop ups happened instead. Anyway, enjoy reading your blog.

        1. Dont know tbh. It’s happened with a few ppl now. Annoying when you want to compliment or comment on something and can’t and ppl think your avoiding them when your not lol. argh

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Thu Apr 5 , 2018
There are more to come, but these singers were outstanding so I had to share them all.  
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