Phase Shift

Phase Shift 19

Mary Jones, Alfred Harris, Martha Grimm, David Franks.  Nothing stood out to make them particularly memorable except for Grimm.  What was it about that name that rang a bell?  A question he’d have answered for before the night was over.

Again, in his office, he read up Jones and Harris.  Data didn’t indicate a problem, but he brought up surveillance on each anyway.  A little office hanky panky but nothing overt.  He followed the trail until it ran dry.  Onto Grimm and Franks.  Background checks indicated little.  He wasn’t satisfied so he dug deeper on Grimm.  Ah, that’s why the name stuck with him.  Her brother had been arrested for dealing.  Now he remembered.  He’d given up his cohorts in the blink of an eye and she’d bailed him out looking embarrassed and annoyed.  She’d told him it was the last time and he was on his own unless he cleaned up his act.  He wondered if she’d remembered him as the arresting officer on the case.

Sherry was exhausted and missing Randal.  A sign of things to come?  They’d missed a couple days on several occasions during the course of their relationship and it hadn’t meant much, but since the possibility was at the forefront of her mind, it gained importance.  She didn’t want to give it more credit than it deserved but it hung there, like the sword of Damocles as if in warning.

Randal was right, the distance wasn’t an insurmountable obstacle.  You got from a relationship what you put into it.  Admittedly Randal seemed to be carrying most of it.  She felt a little silly because he was the one man she’d met who deserved her attentive care and consideration, unlike a couple of unmentionable idiots she’d had the misfortune to date.  Why was she being lazy about this?  About him?  He deserved better and more.

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  1. I must say that this develops in a even more juicy way than blindsided…. Enjoying every bit of it… let me catch up with what I’ve been missing these days… kisses and hugs!

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