F ( A to Z Challenge)

This relationship was too damn much work I decided.  I’m hauling her around.  I feel as though I’m dragging her along by the arm.  Let’s do this, try this, go here, travel there, take time for ourselves.  It was a constant tug of war and my shoulders arms and back ached with the effort.  What the hell was I doing?

We had started off brilliantly, wonderfully in sync, enjoying the same interest including hiking, walking, trips, movies, entertainment. Yet as I contemplated our situation I realized it felt wrong, as though we had branched off somewhere, a divide between us, inexplicably having taken different paths without noticing.

I’d once considered her fascinating, funny even foxy.  Yet here I sat on “our” park bench contemplating whether we should go on, could go on.

Talking this out was a must, a certainty.  Was she feeling the same warring emotions as I?  Had she noticed?  Was she pulling away? So many questions requiring answers.  Part of me admittedly nervous and uncertain.  I really didn’t want to lose her, push her away or alienate her.

Standing I made my decision.  We would talk, let the cards fall where they may.

6 thoughts on “F ( A to Z Challenge)

    1. Life gets busy, we tend to take each other for granted and poof it’s gone before you know it. One thing I tell my kids, take time for “you” that means as a couple, not always including the kids! Cause one day they’ll be gone! then what will you have? You either start getting to know each other all over, or it’s over.

  1. I have talked to a lot of people this year already who have been having relationship problems. Not little ones either but big, messy in your face problems. I wonder if there is something in the air or maybe the discontent of the masses trickle down into our daily lives. Good communication, empathy and compassion are so important to keeping a relationship healthy.

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