Deciding to surprise him, she packed a few special items, hopped into her car and arrived within 10 minutes.  She knocked and walked and found him in his office intently scrutinizing holograms.

Leaning against the door jam, she said, “Up to no good handsome?”

Randal was surprised by her presence having been so engrossed in his research he hadn’t even heard her car much less Sherry’s entering his abode.

He rose and wrapped her tightly in his arms, his eyes lit with the warmest welcome she’d ever witnessed, “Beautiful, what brings you to the neighbourhood?”

“A friendly little birdy told me you might enjoy some company, company bearing gifts.”  She shook the bottle of cognac from side to side.

“Your company is always welcome.  Gift or no gift.”

“How do you do that?”

A quizzical look covered his face, “Do what?”

“Say the right thing at the right time, always.  You make me feel so very special, and I so rarely have the right words, and they are never on the tip of my tongue.  I swear you must have been born with phrases and words and verses and the knowledge of what to say and when.”  She smiled wrapping her arms around him and drawing him close.

“Where your concerned, they are effortless, I don’t think about them, they happen.”

Kissing him with avarice, she tasted him, appreciating his flavour, breathing in his lightly scented cologne, feeling the fullness of his hair as she squeezed it through her fingers.  She dropped her head onto his chest.  “I wanted to surprise you, give you something special.”

“You certainly did.  Your presence alone was all the gift I could wish for.”

Laying her palm against his cheek she said, “See?  See?”


“There, just like that!  You make me feel wonderfully warm and exceptional when it was my intent to give that to you.  Subconsciously I admit it, but that was what I was going for.”

“And delivered.”  Taking the bottle from her hands he left one arm wrapped tightly around her.  “Shall we?”

6 thoughts on “Phase Shift 20

        1. Oh thank you, Sheryl. It’s a bit futuristic and not tied to a location and written more from his and her aspect so varies on a lot of areas. I’m thrilled it’s finding an audience and that everyone reading is enjoying, that’s awesome in and of itself. 🙂

          1. I’m enjoying the multiple perspective and the setting. Futuristic gives you opportunity to have some fun with imagination.

          2. Oh yes indeed! Its great fun to write I have to say! and as I always do, by the seat of my pants, your seeing it hot off the press. I don’t prewrite any more because of losing everything the last time. Oh I updated you and Simm and Marilyn. You were on the other blog, and you have been migrated to the new site so hopefully no more issues! lol

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