I enjoy visiting your blogs, and quite often, do so regularly, daily and hourly

as much as possible.

Unfortunately, I am not able to comment on many of them as they now

require an email address and identification.

The number of people that comment, visit and visa versa, are in the hundreds

and I was inundated with over 1000 emails per day and it was became increasingly

difficult to remove them individually (as I did at first) until I found a way to remove all

of them at a go.

Unfortunately, that meant I couldn’t read them all.  I’m not sure anyone has

enough hours in the day to read 1000 posts per day but I know I couldn’t

keep up.  Consequently I took the course or least resistence and began

refusing to accept emails.

Unless I know in advance that an email is coming, I won’t receive it.

This also means that I can no longer leave comments on your blog unless

you leave a comment on my blog.  I apologize for this because contact

is important to me.  I love that part of wp.  So I guess what I’m saying is

that I visit your sites as regularly as before, but there are many of you that

will remain unaware as I can’t leave a post without adding email.

Please know that I enjoy, visit and care about your blog, writing and comments

as much as before, I just won’t be able to tell you so.

Take care, enjoy your weekend,

Yours in continued writing,


23 thoughts on “Something new and interesting!

  1. I haven’t seen you commenting in a while, I figured you were busy writing your newest amazing story.

    too many emails can be disheartening. You can manage who you get emails from and how often in subscription management. I can only find it in the old dashboard under “Blogs I follow” If you don’t know how to find that, the fastest way is to go to a post, that you don’t need an email for enter a comment. Before you “Post comment” there is a small box beneath that says “Notify me of new comments via email” check that off. Then you will get an email that will take you to the “post notification page” and the tab next to it is for “subscription management.”

    You could bulk action to not receive emails then go though and select the ones you want to get them from.

    1. Thank you, Simm, I so appreciate you! Your adorable. You and Sheryl have been so incredible, going above and beyond to assist. I can’t thank you enough from the bottom of me pump. I’ve been trying to comment on your blog. I can’t seem to leave a comment. I keep going back and will try again. Other blogs insist I enter email and other info to comment, I can’t as I simply am unable to keep up with the email notifications so opted out. I hope that doesn’t interfer with yours. cause I am LOVING this story. It has me looking before I even write anything myself! lol wooot that’s how interesting it is.

      1. I have a question, is my blog asking for email? It’s not supposed to. Some people use it to deter trolls, I just block them. I’ve noticed I have an ‘anonymous’ commenter since you posted this and wondered if maybe it was you…

          1. I have no idea, I had my suspicion, if I knew it was you I’d have been more personal. Maybe sign off as CN so I can reply better to you. I did add a new page to my blog and I was wondering if the ‘contact’ form on it caused the contact form(Email required form) to pop up for all of them.

          2. the email required form pops up, but I responded without having to click on it. (with most it goes red) and you can’t respond. Yours didnt. I unfortunately didn’t notice that it called me anon. until I was out but I shook my head thinking it was a comment above mine.

  2. Hey Thought I’d let you know you’re showing up in my reader again. And you’re searchable in the reader, no more Twitter mumbo-jumbo. Still seeing the 404 but it’s on a few others’ webpages too. I keep a list of my top blogs and manually search them. Cimm is right managing them in the dashboard is a good solution.

    1. Thank you for all your assistance, Sheryl, It has meant worlds in fixing existing problems. I simply adore you and Cimm for taking the extra added time to help with this. You both went above and beyond. Seems as though wp’s update in jetpack has a few glitches since it’s happening elsewhere, but I’m hoping they rectify the problems sooner than later, lol.

  3. Same as me, sometimes the emails can be quite overwhelming. I use “manage subscription” organise the posts I read immediately and the ones I can visit later. Even at that, I can’t keep up. But you know, do the best you can and keep updating your blog. That’s what matters most. Remain blessed ????

  4. I found that I have much higher success leaving comments if I use Netscape or IE than with Chrome. It may be an issue with Chrome not doing Java. For example, I could not post this comment in Chrome, had to open IE to get it to happen.

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