G (A to Z Challenge)



Sarah was a grounded gifted genuine woman.  On some level she knew that, believed it.  Still she couldn’t completely erase that tiny doubt.  She desperately needed her thoughts and words to count as important.

She felt that on some level, she didn’t quite belong.  Perhaps it was the raised eyebrows, the slight cough after a marked statement, the shuffling feet.  There was always something that indicated she hadn’t quite made the grade.

From her peer’s point of view (although it wasn’t spoken of) she was gorgeous, gifted, and brilliant. It was difficult to keep up with her standards, her level of achievement.  Not that knowing would affect her should they praise her.  They simply didn’t know where to start.  She was incredible at everything she did, she simply aced it.  Words were unnecessary therefore no one spoke about it.

Feeling slightly blue, staring out of her office window, she sighed.  Her boss came into the room after knocking.  “Brilliant, Sarah, as always.”

Turning she thanked him.

“You’re the envy of the office, right?”

“No!” Her gaze stunned, shocked even.

“It’s true.  They don’t know how to tell you though. Some are simply intimidated.”

“Keep that in mind, ok?”

2 thoughts on “G (A to Z Challenge)

    1. Not at all. I’m sure I could continue . That would be a balancing act, 1 poem 1 short story 1 challenge and Sarah. I’ll give it more thought when I’m not so rushed. Little people, homework, gymnastics, while everyone else prepares for work. Busy busy. But I’ll definitely rethink your idea. Thank you for reading, a nd thoughts. Always wonderful to know what interests and intrigues readers, well you guys, whom I consider friends, as we spend considerable time together. ?

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