Phase Shift

Phase Shift 21

They turned and walked down the hallway through the living and dining rooms to a recessed cupboard and he hauled out a couple of snifters and poured. “It’s a bit chilly, how about a fire?”  Setting the hologram fireplace aglow, he retrieved their glasses and settled on the chesterfield tugging her onto his lap.  Sherry lay her head on his shoulder.  Randal picked up a remote and romantic background music flowed, flooding the room with added ambiance.

“A very special moment.”  He lifted her glass and handed it to her then picking up his, toasted her.  “Thank you.”  She clinked his glass gently, eyes sparkling, “I’m not sure who’s more welcome, you or me!”

“It’s not a competition but if it were, I’d say…me.”

Although she was supposed to be at work, Sherry decided that one late day couldn’t hurt and snuggled closer to Randal.  Her head on his shoulder an arm on his chest, she sighed her content.

“That sounded relaxed.”

“I’m always relaxed, happy, sated when I’m in your arms.”  Raising her head so she could peer in his eyes she added, “No other place I’d rather be!”

“Now who has the words, the look, the touch?” Randal replied touching a finger to the tip of her nose.

“Rarely, and never as eloquently as you.”

“Words have meaning, but so do actions.  And your actions speak volumes, Sherry.”

“It’s been on my mind more lately, because of the move.  You give and never think twice about it.  This could be a major disruption in your life your work everything.”

“Would it be enough to say, ‘you’re worth it’?  Or must I add that my business is transient in nature.  I can work from anywhere, take which ever cases I choose.”

“I understand that, Randal.  Still, that you would consider this, do this, is monumental – to me!”

“Don’t let this concern you any more, Sherry.  We’re good.  It’ll work out.”

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