As she dashed off to work, Sherry felt lighter.  She wanted to say happier, but she was always happy when she was with Randal.  Tonight, they’d eat at her place and she’d make something extra special or better yet, order in from a restaurant that catered to both their likes and she knew exactly what she’d order for Randal.  She smiled.  Perfection!

It was late in the day by the time she’d found the perfect hologram and invitation to send Randal, hoping he’d enjoy the surprise.

Sherry was on a roll Randal thought.  Last night, then this beautiful invitation to dinner with obvious effort.  He couldn’t wait.

When he arrived, she’d set a beautiful table complete with fine china (her mother’s) which she rarely used finding it delicate and frilly and in her words ‘over the top’.

Before he had a chance to reach out and pull her into his arms, she was there, wrapped around him firmly.  “Glad you could make it, handsome!”

“Always!” he said with a kiss that had them both reeling.

“Wow!” Licking her lips, Sherry said, “Well, I think you’ve been holding back.  That or I need to break out the fine china more often!  Phew!”

Randal laughed.  “There’s more where that came from, I promise.”

“Just what I was hoping for!”

They sat down before a feast, beautifully presented smelling heavenly.  “What have we here?”

“Something different and I hope special.”

They were finishing dinner when a hologram came through.  Business interrupted.  “Hello.”

“Yes, I understand.  When?”

“I’ll be there.”

Lifting off his floating chair, Randal apologized, “I’m sorry, Sherry, I have to go.  It’s urgent!”

She sighed.  “It’s bound to happen from time to time.”

“Doesn’t make me regretting leaving you though.” Kissing her with passion he added, “I’ll make up for this.” She walked alongside as he hustled for the door. She hid her disappointment well.  So she thought.

Racing home to his office, his mind on the call he wondered, what the hell?  Another theft at Webster’s?  Ballsy, bold, and coldly fearless.  The perp had to know an investigation was on-going.  Did he really think he’d get away with this?

Webster had been out of the country for a week.  Whose credentials were used this time and how did they manage a second time under watchful eyes?  Shit! Not good!

Racing to his office he plunked down on his chair to follow the trail again and snarled.  Well played!  Whoever it was, was damn good.  He couldn’t help but admire the efficiency and beauty of the execution, it was elegant, there was nothing clumsy about this theft.

Backtracking the whereabouts of Jones, Harris, Grimm and Franks, the only one unaccountable was Grimm.  Hmm, suspicious. He moved on to Townsend and Hansen whose wehre-about he couldn’t account for, yet.  It was going to be a very long night!



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