I (A to Z Challenge)


Isabel stood stock still staring in shock and horror, immobile.  Tears slowly filled her eyes, traveling down her cheeks.  She stared down at the broken shards of cup and saucer at her feet in devastation – it was irreplaceable, one of a kind!

Sliding down the cupboard she sat beside the pieces, dropped her head in her hands and wept for what might have been suddenly caught in a vortex of overwhelming sadness.  Where had the time gone?  Why now, this onslaught of emotion over a relationship long since gone.

The promise of something special, the ray of sunshine in her otherwise abysmal life, taken in an instant when he’d told her he’d found someone else.  The taunts of family and friends suggesting she wasn’t worth it, or perhaps he wasn’t, she couldn’t tell anymore.

Living a life of seclusion cutting herself off from everyone, she’d become a spinster, going through the motions of daily life as time slipped quietly by.

Picking up a piece of unbroken cup, she hurled it against the far wall.  “No more!  No more!”

Sweeping up the remnants, dropping them in the bin she cried “I’m done!” The time for self-incrimination was long over!

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