Phase Shift

Phase Shift 23

Sherry plopped onto her floating chair, disappointed.  Admittedly she was more than a little disheartened, something that fortunately hadn’t happened often.  Putting the evening in perspective she sighed.  The evening hadn’t been a total loss, Randal showed up, they enjoyed and elegant uninterrupted meal. Though she’d hoped for more, planned for more.  After an exquisite dinner, she’d excited looked forward to an exotic evening including some special activities to engage in afterwards.  A sign of what was to come?  Other evenings of frustration?  She didn’t go out of her way often enough to add “special” to their relationship, but on this one occasion, it stung that she’d pulled out all the stops and her efforts had met with “failure”.  Perhaps failure was a strong word, half the evening went as planned.  She sighed as she cleaned up the remainder of their meal.

Opening the fridge, her eyes lit on his favourite dessert, truly the pinnacle of all chocolate desserts – rich Belgian chocolate mousse with a Bavarian cream center, enrobed in a coating of dark chocolate ganache.  Elegant Desserts for All truly lived up to the hype.  Their creations were masterpieces, rich in the European tradition.

She smiled. She’d planned on taking them to the bedroom and teasing him endlessly with bite-sized morsels strategically placed so he could eat his way to the ultimate perfection.

Meanwhile, Randal had delved into the where-about of his current suspects.  Whittling down the location of each person on his list was painstaking finicky work.  Several pots of Ambrosia (his ultimate coffee) later, he’d eliminated nearly all of his suspects.  Damn it, how was it possible?

Back checking data, the added security he’d personally implemented was in place.  Encryption was in-tact, hadn’t been tampered with. Sensitive data was not accessible through any public location, what’s more he hadn’t found any duplicate uses of passwords indicating they’d been copied or used by another individual other than their intended and timely use during the course of their work day.  Everything appeared normal, perfect in fact.

Damn it, he rubbed his hands over his eyes.  He’d missed something, somewhere, somehow.  But what?  Who?  When? Time to begin again.  He got up and stretched.  A run to get the blood flowing, a shower to relax him and he’d begin again until something popped.

He was too tired to run all out, so he paced himself instead, focusing on his breathing and the thump of his running shoes on dirt. Birds chirped in the distance, restless leaves floated carelessly and boisterous insects busied themselves amongst the flowers peeking through the ground.  Spring had sprung with all its appeal.

A blinding flash stopped him dead and he nearly toppled over.  Images black on white and others with a ghostly inhuman effect, popped and flashed quickly, too quickly for him to determine what they were.  Grabbing his head, he held on.  As quickly as they appeared, they vanished.  What the hell was Phase Shift?

Giving himself time to catch his breath and calm his breathing, he straightened, peered about.  Everything was as it should be.  As before, he continued home and although he felt discombobulated, finished his routine.

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    1. Thank you, Cimm. I’m very excited about this one. I too look forward to the development as it’s popping up page by page lol and I never know where it’s going to go next… it’s fun, who knew?

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