Whatever was happening was both disconcerting and new.  The trembling that followed took longer to shake off.   Was this some childhood memory breaking through?  He wasn’t insane or going insane he assured himself.  There had to be a logical explanation and he was sure to find it once he had a starting point.

Back at the house he showered, hunkered down for a couple more hours eliminating other suspects and finally crashed.  He woke up four hours later scrubbing his face with his hands then lay still for a few minutes.  Finally, laughing he stood, he’d been so tired he’d crashed in his clothes.

His mind played out various scenarios he’d considered during his sleep and which were fresh in his mind still so he changed clothes carried on with his morning ablutions and was back at work, a cup of java in his hand, running the possibilities through his script file.  An amazing little tool he’d created that, after placing a name into the scenario, ran it as though they were the perp in the given situation.  The hologram played on movie style from beginning to completion.  The character would flash multicolored like a rainbow when their path crossed with the reality of the situation as it would have occurred.  Five more crossed off the list.

The bloody list was narrowing down and so far, he had three possibles he couldn’t completely tie to the theft.  In most circles they’d be considered marginal at best since he didn’t have one iota of proof.  Yet!

Sherry finished her morning routine with a flourish that had her clients dissolving into laughter.  “Sherry, if one day I look half that good, I’ll get down and kiss your beautiful yoga slippered toes,” Angela chortled.

“Oh, you’ll get there, we’re going to make sure of it, Angela.”

“Dearie, I’m twice your age and never ever looked as good as you when I was younger let alone now, but you keep that happy thought.  I’ll run with it too.”  She turned away shaking her head and joking with another member.

“Denise, wonderful work out.  You gave it your all.  How do you feel?”

“Good, my mind feels alive and my body sings with joy.”  Sherry smiled at this, as it was the motto she’d encouraged her class with.

The women were filing out singly and side by side when a huge bouquet of flowers entered the room.  That’s how it appeared as the person carrying the arrangement was completely obscured.  Roses swirling from green, aqua, purple orange and into yellow, alongside massive light blue carnations and massive greenery so rich and vibrant it defied description.  It was off the scale.  The women stopped dead in their tracks to watch.  Sherry raised a hand and waved, “I’m over here.”

“Keep talking, I’ll follow the voice,” a cheerful male voice admonished.

Sherry laughed.  “Five steps straight ahead and you’ll be at the table where you can set it down.”  After counting down the steps, he lowered the magnificent bouquet.  “Someone must love you.”

“We’ll see.”  Sherry tugged the card out and read, “This bouquet is diminished by the beauty that is you.  Forever, Randal.”

“Wow, just wow!” popped out of her mouth as she held the card to her breast.

“Am I right?” he asked.

“I’d say so.”

Following a little two step he waved and vanished calling across his shoulder, “Enjoy!”



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