The incredible lustrous vibrant romantic bouquet took her breath away.  Although she tried to remain professional, a whoop broke through her lips she couldn’t hold back.  Only Randal would think of something this spectacular, this beautiful.  No doubt about it, he awakened her, heart and soul.  It wasn’t possible to transport the generous bouquet home, it would have to remain here.

She waved at the stragglers exiting the door and sat down to enjoy the moment, savour the perfumed elegance emanating from the bouquet.  How did he know these were her favourite flowers?  And the colours! This moment, this delightful heartwarming moment would remain etched in her memory forever.

Sherry wasn’t aware how much time had passed before she rose to collect her gear and head home.  Getting into her car she thought, decided no, not home, Randal’s.

When she arrived, he greeted her at the door, arms wide open.  “Forgiven?”

“As if!”

An exaggerated pained expression on his face, eyebrows raised he held back.

“Of course, dingbat!  How could I hold a grudge?  Your perfect in every way and that bouquet spoke volumes!”

Randal swept her up and swung her around before planting an earth shattering kiss upon willing lips.  They kissed, groped, tugged and finally made their way to the bedroom, where earthly pleasures were delightfuly pursued, dinner completely forgotten.

Much later, over dinner, Sherry asked how the case was going.

“In circles at the moment.  Or, two steps forward, one step back.  Either way, not far or fast enough for me.”

“You’ll get there, you always do.”  Sherry hugged him close. “I have faith!”

“You are one in a million.  Why I adore you.”

Taking one last long savouring look she added, “Same.” What’s more she meant it.

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