When I think of you, I remember how I lusted at all the possibilities before us – lusted for our future together! Dreaming of shared experiences, moments of pure intimacy, romance, all with anticipation and delight.  Full filling shared goals, dreams, the joy of growing old side by side, we, together, the dynamic duo.

I loved being in this moment, knowing that we were of a mind, of an age, having shared the experience of growing old together.  Sharing, just sharing.  We could look back over the years and laugh and smile at the changes witnessed – philosophy, fads, politics, music, food.

Oh how thrilled I am in retrospect, we took that leap of faith as scary, turbulent, thrilling and eventful as it was.  Looking at you now, holding your hand in mine, I breath a sigh of relief and contentment.  We’ve done everything we’d set out to do, conquered mountains lakes and streams, conquered the world!  Our world! Yes, that was us, we are the dynamic duo!

Even now, relaxing alongside you at end of day, the rush still there, those butterflies, that excitement still still present and moving.  It was in your eyes!

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