Phase Shift

Phase Shift 26

Randal was perplexed.  Having gone back and forth double and quadruple checked his findings, his attention centered on three possibles. Maria Townsend, Jerome Hansen, Mary Grimm.  Something about Mary Grimm – even though she’d come across as disproving of her brother’s activities, he couldn’t let go just yet.  Something bothered him about her.

Townsend and Hansen had covered their tracks for weeks.  If was simply a tryst they were hiding, why were they going to such grave lengths to protect their privacy?  What would be the point? That consideration niggled at him.   A puzzle piece that didn’t fit any way he sliced it.  An unanswered question.

Their clandestine meetings took place all over town in delightfully dim restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, bookstores, easily accessible with multiple entrances and egresses.  Never to long, just long enough for a meet and greet as it were.  The video he’d watched so far showed an intimate understanding, a slight touch of hands, a knowing nod, always ending the same, with Townsend reaching a hand across to where Hansen sat to caress his upper chest. As signals went, it was interesting.

Far easier to pull off a theft as a team that worked together to cover for each other.  However with enough skill, a single individual could have pulled the theft off, until the second theft had occurred.  It took precision, planning and guts to sneak in and pull the same stunt a second time.  In all likelihood, that would take two, one to misdirect, the other to pull off the stunt.

Going back through their files looking for a financial angle, gambling debt, hospital bills, family financial troubles, he’d combed through every bit of information he could find on all of his suspects. Nothing overt anywhere.  Yet there had to be something!  There was something!  Although it could be the thrill…in that case…damn!

Sherry was delighted with her day.  She’d dressed with extra care (although that wasn’t her usual style) and headed over to the other offices.  Although the set up was similar, it was markedly different in that the clientelle was savvy, committed and ok, rich.

Although people’s wealth or lack thereof meant little to her personally, it was obvious these people expected special treatment.  She’d watched one woman break pose and snap at the instructor who simply smiled and carried on.  Interesting dynamic and nothing like her little part of town.  Handle with care! came to mind.



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    1. Thank you, Cimm. I’m undecided about which direction atm. I have so many options! It’s totally exciting. Thank you for commenting, I appreciate it very much.

      1. I’m incredibly impressed that you write as you go. If I tried that mine would be a mess and I’d post too much too often. I’m just finishing up my latest. It’s not next after Marisol and Grady so I still have time to edit.

        1. As long as what I write makes sense and stands the test of time. I know it’ll have to be revised when I’m done as I’ll want to change a lot but it’s a test of me, a challenge of myself I guess. I rarely have time to sit and just write. \now with my lap top my son got me for my birthday, I’m hoping I’ll be able to do more. I won’t have to share my computer any more (with gamers and 3 kids requiring it for homework) lol.

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