What could be more awe-inspiring than paddling with the Orcas, surfboarding on a wave at Raft Cove or San Josef Bay or perhaps canoeing at one of many lakes enjoying all the quiet solitude the north end of the island offered!

Due to her claustrophobia which precluded that possibility she’d settled for photographs of Little Huston Caves.  She knew there were other more adventurous alternatives with local guides as well.

Although she’d tried golf, she hated that little white ball with a passion.  She’d often directed other to Seven Hills Golf & Country Club where nine holes of spectacular golf for real golfing enthusiasts awaited.  She smiled recalling amusing anecdotes regarding golfers.  While some chartered planes from both down south or Alaska to play this course, the operative word here being (attempting) for some had not been challenged by the little white ball’s trajectory but golfing bears.

Cape Scott Provincial Park, was one of the calmer parks while Brooks Peninsula, one of the wildest, windiest, most woebegone locales in the province, offered its own set of challenges, testing your mettle by repeated exposure to the bellows and blasts of nature in the raw.

Lately, according to Maggy, storm watching had become the thing to do since it offered excitement and danger.  Only the “hardy” attempted storm watching during winter months, with winds reaching a registered 210 miles per hour.  It was believed the winds probably went higher but that was what was recorded before the equipment broke during one windy altercation.

Some of her best photography was taken at Brooks Peninsula and hung proudly on her walls. After securing a guide, she and Maggy eagerly set off.  A sudden and unexpected storm blew in, trapping them for three days before letting up.  She’d captured spectacular photos of the waves, the scenery, their little group huddling around a fire over which they’d taken turns in a constant vigil for warmth.  It had been scary and spectacular.

She’d driven every logging road the north end of the island offered.  Photography was a passion; she had scrap books full of beautiful scenery, spectacular sunrises and sunsets, even some of the local wildlife, surrounded by its natural habitat. She longed for her camera and the peace and tranquility of trudging through underbrush to capture the next illusive picture for her collection.

Local tour operators dazzled visitors with an abundance of wildlife opportunities including spectacular marine life consisting of Orcas, Grey whales, Humpbacks, Minke whales, Sea lions, and Harbour seals, to a large variety of birds from Eagles to Herons and Puffins.  For the more adventurous at heart, there were Grizzly and Black bear tours.

Her first whale watching trip had blown her away.  The grace and beauty of Orcas traveling in pods had instantly captivated her and was the impetus for her introduction into painting.  She’d begun painting, whales, seals, eagles, and gulls on sea shells after cleaning and curing them.

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