A breakthrough!  Randal fist pumped the air.  Alright, he felt jubilant at finding both Townsend and Hansen, on three separate occasions, weren’t where they were supposed to be, for three days on each occasion while collecting money for time worked.  Maybe it was nothing, maybe it was that foot in the door.

Endless hours later, feeling somewhat vindicated, Randal shut everything down and headed home to meet Sherry who would be arriving shortly.

The evening was warm, with a suggestion of a soft warm glow from a lingering setting sun.  They’d eat on the back deck, then he’d take her on a walk around the property.  He couldn’t recall her having ever asked.  There was a special spot he’d like her to see, to share with her.

Sherry arrived looking like summer itself, bright, bubbly, effervescent came to mind.  He hauled her up off her feet and kissed her thoroughly.  She didn’t mind a bit.

As they headed out, hand in hand, she filled him in on her day, the oddity of it all.  Randal smiled.  It was so Sherry.  The brightest star in the game, but the least provocative, the least hoity-toity, the least likely ever to become ego bound. Lifting her hand, he kissed her fingers individually as she looked on with delighted surprise.

“Keep being you, Sherry.”  He followed up with an earth shattering kiss that had her floating.

“Yum!”  that tasted good.  You tasted good.”

“I want to take you somewhere, I’m hoping you’ll enjoy as much as I do.”

“Oooh, I love surprises.”

“I’m hoping this is a good one.”

Tugging her up the slight incline to the top of the hill, he pulled her into his arms and turned her around.  The view was spectacular.  Rolling hills for miles, cradled in a mixture of hues, starting vibrantly and becoming whispy in the distance.  She held her breath in awe.

“I have no words to describe this.  None.  Simply beautiful beyond my wildest dream.”

Sighing, Randal pulled her back against him, relaxing into the moment.


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    1. Thank you so much, Marion. I write by the seat of my pants. It’s a daily post. So I am literally over the moon that you enjoyed it. When you don’t pre-write or edit, it is unnerving to say the least! lol

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