Randal’s heart was full, brimming over with every emotion imaginable.  She was his sugar sweet! Love, desire, affection, tenderness, warmth, need – all flowed – every emotion pure and clear in it’s intensity and as humblingly real.  Squeezing her tightly he held on.

Raising her head to look up at him, Sherry was undone, overcome as each emotion flickered across his face.  He felt this moment with every beat of his heart and it was all for her.  Turning she wrapped herself as tightly around him as humanly possible. Giving back every emotion she’d witnessed.  If she could have melted into him, she would have.  They were united here, on this rolling hill with an exquisite background, alone, yet together, wrapped in an emotional whirlwind overpowering yet unimaginably gentle. She could stay here, forever.  Wanted this moment to last forever, for an eternity.

Randal pulled her to the ground and nestled his arm around her, comforting and protective.  They lay curled into one another until it was nearly dark.

Finally, although unwillingly, he suggested they headback.  Arms wrapped around each other, there was no need for words. There weren’t any that could equal what they’d just shared. Silently, in step, they returned to the house.

Their love making was as exquisite as the scene that played out on the hilltop. Beautifully fulfilling, tenderly given, warmly flowing.  Perfection.

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