“Sure, whatever you like.”

Since they were comfortably settled, Porsche hopped up and rubbed against Cassy’s hand, quickly settling himself across her lap demanding attention.  “Hello beautiful.”  Cassy absently patted him as the movie played and he gently nipped her fingers before relaxing into sleep while the movie played moving only when dinner arrived.

Cassy woke feeling exhausted; she’d slept poorly because her eyes bothered her and as a result of the constables warning which played over and over in her mind.  Porsche lifted his head eyeing her sudden movements to mew so quietly she barely heard him.  She reached out and gently ruffled his fur before rising.  “Hey baby cat, you interested in breakfast?”  He jumped off the bed and padded down the stairs beside her.  Cassy carried on with her usual morning routine, giving Porsche fresh water and filling his food bowl even before making coffee.

Maggy noted Cassy’s pale cheeks and remarked, “Doesn’t seem as though you got much sleep either.”

After explaining why, Maggy surprisingly added, “Same and I can’t explain it.  There’s something about this whole situation that has me feeling uneasy and that guy on the library steps felt off.”

“Your next appointment is two days away, isn’t it?”

“How is your boss with all the time off?”

“I’ve got plenty of vacation time coming.”

“Running up and down island and looking after me isn’t a vacation.”

“It’s ok by me, Cassy, really!”

Maggy kept her eyes peeled until they reached the shop.  She didn’t feel any less anxious though.

Later, while dressing and changing the window, Cassy had Shawna kept tabs on the library steps in case he returned.  Thankfully, the next two days flew by without incident and they relaxed into the new routine.

Dr. Jamison greeted her with a warm smile, “How are the drops working?”

“Painful,” she admitted, “I don’t know if the cure is better than the disease at this point.”  A sympathetic look crossed is face.

“Other than difficulty with the drops, have you noticed any new developments?”

“I’m not really sure, Dr. Jamison.  What is the prognosis, my vision certainly hasn’t changed, it’s a day to day, hour by hour, minute by minute scenario?  I don’t know what to make of it.”

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