“I’m relieved to hear that.” Her remarked was echoed on a sigh of relief.

“It is a good sign, although it should have progressed faster than this.  Still, I am considerably relieved,” he informed her.

“Continue these new drops as before, every hour.  We will re-evaluate on Friday when you come back.”

“You know the drill, if anything changes, get back here immediately,” he admonished firmly.  “Here are my pager number and cell numbers. I am giving these to you because of the distance involved and because I know you won’t abuse the privilege.”

“I don’t know what to say. This is distressing news.  I don’t understand how this is remotely possible since I take care of my contacts.  This seem completely implausible, though obviously possible.”

“We’ll get there, Cassy,” he promised.

Maggy was disquieted by the bewildered and baffled look on her best friend’s face.  Deciding it was best to bide her time before asking questions since she knew Cassy would explain as soon as she’d wrapped her mind around whatever was disturbing her.

“So, my friend, what’s next?”

“I made another appointment for next Friday and I understand it will be a weekly visit from now on unless something drastically changes. Dr. Jamison replaced the drops with something else, so we need to stop by the pharmacy to pick them up.  He’s wants me to try them until the next visit.”

“Did he say anything else?”

“Yes.  He said I could lose my sight.  This condition, is as he put it, eye-sight threatening.”

Shocked she stared at Cassy, “What?”

“I could lose my sight!”  Maggy reached out a hand and clasped Cassy’s as she continued.  Cassy laid out the situation as the doctor had described it.

“Cassy, I am worried, really worried.  This is horrible.”

“You’re telling me.”

“I’m confused to put it bluntly.  I thought we were working on repairing the damage, the cut in my eye.  I hadn’t considered the possibility of long term damage or possible loss of sight.  I mean, it crossed my mind, but it wasn’t a real possibility.”

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