Cassy hurriedly explained the situation and a squad car was immediately dispatched arriving a few minutes later in a blaze of lights.

Constable McKinney was with them.  “Ms. Jeffrey’s, this is your home?”


“Have you been inside?”

“I went to look but I didn’t go in,” Maggy explained.

“Please stay here, while we check it out.”

They leaned against Maggy’s car and waited for what seemed an eternity.  Constable McKinney returned, his expression grim.  “Cassy, do you have somewhere else to stay the night?”


“Because you can’t stay here.  I’ll have to call a fingerprint team and record this. A detective from down island will be assigned from now on.  When he arrives, he’ll get in touch with you.”

“Then it’s bad.”

“It wasn’t kids and it certainly wasn’t a random act.”

“I have to ask, where were you?”

“What?  Why the hell are you asking her that?”  Maggy snarled.

“Has to be asked.”

“I took her to Comox to see her Ophthalmologist again.  We just got back and found this!” she gestured toward the house, disgust in every line of her body.

“I want to see.  I need to see!”  Cassy started toward the house.

“Cassy, careful, you can’t see well enough to go in there!”  Maggy admonished hoping she wouldn’t be able to see the carnage at all.

“Tell me, how bad is it?”

The officer stared at Cassy before responding, “I didn’t stop long enough to determine the full extent of damage, but I didn’t see much that was salvageable.”

“He’s right, Cassy, this was cold calculated destruction.  No other way to describe it.”  Cassy started for the door.  Looking in she couldn’t see clearly but knew they had spoken the truth.

“Can we retrieve some clothing?”  Maggy asked quietly.

“Don’t touch anything else.  Grab what you can readily access.”  After assuring Cassy she’d be quick, she hurried through the debris up the stairs into the bedroom where the carnage continued, was worse in fact.  She found an overnight bag in the corner of the closet and yanked it out and threw what she could find inside.  Wasn’t much left, mostly underwear, a couple pairs of socks and a couple tops and one pair of pants.  They’d used a knife to shred everything, including her bedding.  Her antiques were so marred it would be costly to repair.  She shook her head at the destruction.  Thank god Cassy couldn’t see well, it was going to be a complete shock when she could.

McKinley watched as they got into Maggy’s car and left shaking his head, shocked at the magnitude of destruction.

“Maggy, this isn’t just tragic, it’s bizarre! How could this happen? God, I feel sick.  I don’t think sleep will come easily tonight.”




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