house is locked tighter than a drum, I have a security code for god’s sake.”

“That’s damn scary considering!  You have to tell the detective when he gets here.”

“Yeah, definitely,” she said, a shake in her voice.

They crawled into bed at around three in the morning.  Cassy’s eyes were on fire so she took Tylenol to ease the pain and help her rest falling into a fitful sleep sometime after five.

Maggy woke first, and peeked in on her, even though she hadn’t slept well she figured Cassy probably hadn’t fared any better. After making coffee and showering, she dressed quickly then made scones for breakfast.  It wasn’t long before Cassy joined her.

“I hoped you’d sleep in.”

“I wish but I can’t because of the drops which I only take during the day.  If I sleep the day away, I can’t heal my eyes.”

“Hey, I made scones and they will be ready in about 10 minutes.”

“Oh, I can’t wait,” Cassandra cooed, “yours are soo good.  It’s not from lack of trying either, but mine just don’t stack up alongside yours.”

Then, out of nowhere she said, “Maggy, I won’t let him drive me out of my home, or away from my friends, or change my lifestyle.  If I do that, he’s won.  As soon as the police confirm I can go back home, I will.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate your hospitality, but I’m drawing a line in the sand.  I won’t let him take anything away from me.”

“Then I’m staying with you.  I won’t let you do this alone.”

“The generous side of me says no, I can’t let you do that, or take that risk Maggy, but the selfish side of me is only too happy to have the help.”

“Ok.  Soon as we hear, we move back in and take over.” High fiving each other, they grinned. It felt right.

“I think we need to go out and get you some clothes though.  There wasn’t much left I’m afraid.”

“My clothes too?”

“There might be a few things left, and I was in a hurry to get out of there as per instructed, but from what I saw, you are going to need a new wardrobe from the skin out.”

Following a quiet breakfast, they dressed and went shopping.  Cassy managed to find a couple pair of black jeans, dress pants with coordinating tops and a couple of dresses for work, along with work and relaxed footwear.

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