Blindsided 25

“I’ve always loved your place, Maggy. You have style! It’s such a wonderfully eclectic mix and it works so well!”
The hazelnut sofa against the rich vanilla wall with its clean lines added a dignified mood to the living room. To carry that theme through, she had added creamy white walls with hazelnut trim around the doorways entering the dining room and kitchen.
Vanilla cream pillows played off against the hazelnut and two cucumber coloured chairs with soft pink accents completed the look.
Glass based lamps with vanilla shades graced the oblong and oval mahogany end tables while the coffee table was a deep rich brown covered with beveled glass.
Across from the sofa, she’d done a remarkable job using mirrors, instead of pictures. She’d framed a total of eleven mirrors, with white painted frames, and hung them in three rows creating a square.
It had a simplistic but elegant look, modern and still very appealing yet peaceful while artfully enlarging the space. They reflected bits of color from the spider plants hanging beside the sofa, and the fern sitting on the one end table.
“I’ve been thinking about making a move and surprisingly motivated to do something about my living arrangements. I like the idea of the added privacy having a home gives you. Haven’t completely decided on what it is I am looking for though.”
“Have you decided on a style you like?”

“I guess modern and eclectic are closer to what I had in mind. I don’t want cold modern, but I’m not into antiques either.”
Smiling broadly Cassy suggested, “Want to take a look online at a few types of design so you can solidify what you are looking for. Sound good? Then we can take a closer look at what’s available and book an appointment with a real estate agent and do some real looking!”
If only to take Cassandra’s mind off what was going on, Maggy agreed. They searched for an hour and Maggy found a style she really liked and then examining the real estate sight, she found several appealing possibilities. She called a real estate office and booked an appointment for the following evening to view three properties, completely excited at the prospect.

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