Blindsided 27

“I’m sorry we have to meet under these circumstances.”

“As am I.”

“Can I get you some coffee, Detective?”  Maggy offered.


Maggy filled three cups with coffee and placed them on a tray along with chocolate chip cookies, cream and sugar, and returned to the living room.  Detective Myerson rose and took a cup from the tray.  Taking a sip, he said, “Now that’s good coffee.”

“My specialty!”  Maggy explained with a smile.

“I met with Constable McKinney and after reviewing the matter, have concluded the incidents at your home as well as the internet email and even possibly the damage to your eyes are connected incidents.”

“I understand how both the internet and my home could be connected, but my vision?”

“I’m not certain of that yet, but the timing is definitely ripe for conjecture.”

“I would like your permission to contact Dr. Jamison and find out what he has to say before going down that road, mainly to tie off a possible loose end.”

Rubbing her forehead, she indicated she had no objections

“Were you able to find any useful clues or fingerprints?”

“We were able to obtain fingerprints, yes, but so far we have nothing to match them with.  Which only means he hasn’t had any serious run-ins with the law.  Our tech department (Jacobs in particular) is one of the best and he’s currently running them through a nationwide databank.”

“What I can tell you is whoever is responsible, appears to have a vendetta against you.  The crime scene,” the look on her face stopped him cold. “Sorry, the scene at your home indicates it was deliberate and personal.”

“Although the acts seemed random, there was a methodology to it.” At her inquiring look, he continued, “Looking at it from a logical perspective, he went after some larger items first, and followed with personal things.  It’s the attack on your personal things that leads me to that conclusion.”



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