Blindsided 28

“I don’t understand how. Couldn’t the whole thing have been random, I mean, if he didn’t get what he was looking for, wouldn’t he just smash in anger or retaliation?”

“Yes, he could have, but I don’t think so. The items he broke that were of ‘no consequence’, were simply broken. On the other hand, anything you may have had a connection with, an attachment to or might hold sentimental value, such as the antiques, weren’t just deface, he attempted to obliterate them. As with your vases, collectables and clothes. There was nothing random about the destruction.”

Cassy sat quietly absorbing his observations. After watching her cogitate for a few moments she responded, “Ok, if I understand this correctly, it was more than anger. I quite simply can’t imagine anyone that enraged. I don’t understand first, how he got in or how he managed that kind of damage without, well, without someone noticing or hearing what was happening. My neighbours are what fifteen to twenty feet away on both sides.” She looked expectantly toward Myerson for an answer.

“He could have brought something with him or used a blanket to muffle the noise, which only proves my point, it was both premeditated and calculated.”
“As of this moment, you will have plain clothed officers at your store, at home, and everywhere you go. Your trips down island will be monitored and a constable assigned from whichever city you are in and although you won’t see them, they’ll be watching.”
“I need a detailed schedule of your itinerary including all travel plans, appointments, accommodation to schedule my men.”
“Why is all this protection necessary? I don’t understand all the precautions; I haven’t been physically threatened and I’m not a VIP…”
“First off the department wants needs to make a statement regarding stalking. Stalker don’t play by the rules.” Maggy and Cassy looked at each other in bewilderment attempting to absorb his words and their meaning. “You may have heard of several movie stars recently who ended up having stalkers even go so far as to try to kill them.”
“Yes, I did, but I never paid much attention,” Maggy confessed nonchalantly.

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