“Unless you’ve had reason to be concerned or involved in a stalking situation, most would agree with you feeling it was some wild Hollywood attention grab,” Detective Myerson told Maggy, “However, it is real, very real and happening much more frequently than you imagine.”

“Because of the prevalence of stalking, several agencies have worked in conjunction with psychologists and more importantly, with some co-operative stalkers to come up with a working abstract.”

“It’s impossible to give you an abridged description which means explaining in detail how this works.  I can’t stress enough how essential it is that you pay close attention and heed every word because it could save your life.”  Cassy gulped involuntarily, startled by his words. The timber of his voice brooked attention and carried an intent fierceness both compelling and frightening.

“By definition, a stalker, is a person totally involved in and completely committed with pursuing someone who has no interest nor will ever have any interest in them.”

“Refusing to believe this, stalkers delude themselves into believing the victim actually loves them but isn’t aware of it. In their mind, their ‘loved one’ must simply be pushed into that realization, by any means necessary.  For as long as they continue pursuing their victim, the stalker can convince themselves they haven’t been completely rejected yet.”

“I can’t emphasize this enough – they will not take no for an answer!” Maggy sat straighter in her chair, the force of his words slamming against her mind.

“Stalkers aren’t ‘interested’ they are totally ‘obsessed’ with whoever they’re pursuing.  Every waking thought centers on the object of their desire, and every plan the stalker has for the future involves that victim, in this case, you!”

“Stalker can be extraordinarily dangerous, particularly if they become frustrated in their quest for the love of their victim and can even become violent.”

“The vast majority of cases don’t end in murder, but enough do every year that victims must not brush aside the possibility.  Don’t make the mistake of taking the crime lightly no matter who the stalkers are or how close they have been emotionally.”

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