“Am I trying to scare you?  You bet!  Your life depends on it.  The person stalking you, will eventually make it clear that if he can’t have you, then no one will.”

Perplexed, Cassy said, “You lost me!”

“The damage in your home told me that.  He wants to destroy anything and everything outside the world he perceives he has with you.”

“I’ve brought some printed material that outlines what I’ve just explained and I want you to read it, feel it, believe it, think about it, whatever it takes to remember it and engrave it on your mind.  This is your bible from now on! I can’t stress this enough!”

“What’s more, it’s going to become a bible for every close associate, acquaintance, family member, and friend you have, spend time with or interact with on a regular basis.”

“No matter what you consider unusual, consider it a problem and contact us immediately!  We’ll be monitoring the situation and we’ll have officers dispatched asap.”

“Look carefully again at the traits listed, memorize them and be wary of anyone that seems to fit the bill. Keep them foremost in your mind.  Don’t be afraid of feeling paranoid; it will keep you alive.”

  1. Won’t take no for an answer
  2. Has an obsessive personality
  3. Above average intelligence
  4. No or few personal relationships
  5. Lack of embarrassment or discomfort at actions
  6. Low self esteem
  7. Sociopathic thinking
  8. Has a mean streak

“You’ve already enlisted our help.  That was a very important first step.  Next step is starting a diary and recording every incident in detail. Think in terms of evidence when you write, it will help later.  Don’t worry about what you report, your personal safety is at risk.  We won’t take anything lightly, I assure you.”



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