“Do you have an answering machine?” at Cassy’s nod he continued, “I want you to tape every call, keep every letter or package and anything else you think may have come from him; it can all be used later to prosecute him.”

“Inform friends, family and neighbours of the situation, so they can keep an eye out for you.”

The magnitude of the situation punched Cassy in the gut. “My God, this is outrageous!”

“Checking your home security is a must.  Make absolutely sure every door and window is locked and all your keys are accounted for.  In fact, I suggest you call in a locksmith and have the entire place re-done with new locks, since he’s already gained entry.”

“I guess as long as we’re at Maggy’s, that doesn’t present much of a problem,” Cassy said, “but I fully intend moving back home.  I will not allow him to destroy my life.”

“I assumed so.  Make sure someone is with you. If you avoid being alone, you’ll feel less vulnerable while limiting the possibility for weird creepy people to make advances.”  Cassy and Maggy exchanged knowing glances.

Cassy interrupted long enough to explain about the objects in her house that had been moved.

“So, he/she has been watching you for a while and has taken advantage of your current condition.  Bold.”  Myerson reflected.

“Your actions will push his buttons, it’s important you remember that, and his response won’t always be predictable either which means you must be ready and vigilant.”

“I strongly suggest you reconsider rearranging your daily routines and your movements.  The less predictable you are, the harder it is for anyone to track you.”

“That one won’t be difficult since it has changed completely already,” Cassy mentioned the plans for the store.



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