“I’ll have an officer checking your business every few hours unless the situation escalates.”

“There are many complex reasons why someone becomes drawn to stalking. Every situation is unique, but whatever motives your stalker, aim to keep all contact to a minimum. Any form of communication risks fueling his conviction that his attention is justified.”

“Even attempting to reason with him could make things worse.  For example, should he start calling you, try not to sound startled or alarmed.  Simply put the receiver to one side, leave it like that for a couple of minutes before replacing it – that way the caller gets a taste of his/her own medicine without any encouragement from you.  This is much easier said than done, believe me because at some point, despair, frustration or rage is going to war with what you know you have to do.”

“I’ve already informed the phone company your phones are tapped and all incoming calls are monitored.” Cassy was shocked.
“God, I didn’t realize the situation was this involved or serious.”
“It’s as serious as it is complex,” he said, compassion momentarily overshadowing concern.
Maggy suddenly asked, “Is my phone tapped too?”
“Yes, it is.” His tone was unapologetic. “Basically, it’s covered under the same umbrella. Cassy is here and wherever she is, the protection order stands.”
“Ok, where were we? In some cases, stalkers send gifts in a bid to buy your love. Keep any correspondence or ‘presents’ and try to handle it as little as possible since we can use it as evidence.”
His intently watchful eyes darted between the two women and he settled on Maggy as she seemed the most stunned, “I can tell you find this unbelievable and more, overwhelming. I realize I’ve overloaded your senses hence the written print out.”
“To put it mildly. I’m having a difficult time absorbing it all. It seems to fantastical to be real.”
“I’m afraid there’s more. Need a break for a few?”

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