“I wouldn’t mind. I think I need some fresh air!” Getting up to wander outside, the others watched as she lifted her head skyward and breathed deeply.

“I certainly empathize with Maggy. It seems impossible one person could sneak into your life and take it over.”

“That’s just it, Cassy, it is exactly what they do.” Myerson asked where the washroom was and when Cassy gestured which direction, he excused himself.

Wandering back to check on the coffee and pour herself another cup, Maggy stated in disgust, “I can’t believe people are forced to live like that or worse leave everyone they love and everything they hold dear! It’s absolutely ludicrous that anyone could get away with the total destruction of anothers life and livelihood.”

Rejoining the two women who had once again taken their seats, he asked, “Ready?”

Cassy’s vitriolic reply held little back, “No, I don’t think I’ll ever be ready. It’s insanity!”

“I’ve dealt with these kinds of cases for 15 years. It never gets any easier and it’s never any less complicated nor does it vary overmuch.”

“Other tools stalkers often use are blackmail and extortion – extracting something of value whether money or threats, it’s a well-used tool for stalkers.  Don’t fall for it!  They’ll say anything, do anything, to scare or throw you off balance.”

The extent of Cassy’s concern was evident when she asked, “Are you posting officers around all my family and friends?”

“Not for the moment.  Most of your family are far enough afield I doubt they’ll be of any interest to him.  That can and will change if necessary should he shift his focus to include them!” The look in his eye assured her he would take any precautions he felt necessary.


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