“Having said that, understand this, they are above all persistent. They’ll try as many times as necessary to get the reaction they’re looking for. If a stalker calls you ten times, and the first nine times you don’t react, but on the tenth time you do, the stalker won. Now they’re willing to try twenty times.  Your reaction encourages the stalker to try again.”

“Same goes with emails. Do not write or reply or tell everyone you know (one of them could be the stalker in disguise or could unwittingly tell the stalker your reaction).”

“While you may think ‘mail controls’ eliminate the problem, think again.  Unfortunately, this also encourages a stalker who now believes they’ve scared you into reacting, ‘forcing’ you to block them.”

“Provincially, harassment is a crime and new stalker laws have changed hugely and today they can find themselves in jail under the newer harsher laws for harassment and stalking. That includes the internet.”

“With a trace already in place on your phones and internet, it won’t matter where the calls originate from, they can be traced in seconds. Even if the stalker tries to block their phone number, the phone company can still access it in seconds give the stalkers number to us. We will take immediate take action to stop the harassment, up to and including arresting the stalker.”

“When we get this guy, do not feel sorry for him, PRESS CHARGES!”

“Considering all you’ve outlined, it was my first thought!”

“Good to know.”

“I’ll leave the literature for your perusal, along with extra copies for friends and family.  I want you to read it and make it your own. Memorize what to say and how to respond, NOT react.”

“There are a few more items to go over and then we’re done.”

“Then I’d like to take a break, get more coffee.” Cassy stood and stretched.

“So far, you’re doing all the right things, by instinct.  I congratulate you.” Maggy poured more coffee watching him intently.

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