“Make sure you have a support group – made up of only people who believe you, and will help you in every way necessary.  Talk to all the people around you, find out where they stand – whether it be friends or family.  Don’t go through the incredible trauma of being stalked by yourself.”

“It isn’t fair. Victims shouldn’t have to turn their lives upside down and endure constant psychological trauma. They shouldn’t be afraid to answer their own phone, download e-mails or meet friends in a public place. Their families shouldn’t live under the shadow of a threat. Nothing about stalking is fair.”

“The last but most valuable lesson to remember is forget about insisting on fairness because this leads to demanding retribution. The last thing you want to do is to draw out this experience by seeking ‘satisfaction’.  Protect yourself, protect those you love, then walk away. Don’t give harassers the one thing they crave: your personal attention.  Not now, not later.”

“You seriously believe he will take it that far?”

“Unfortunately, yes, he’s already started down that road with the destruction at your house.  Things will only escalate from here.”

“I realize this has been a long and drawn out session, but knowledge will protect you and give you a sense of power.  You’ll need both before this is over.  Unfortunately, some haven’t taken my advice seriously, to their peril.”

Cassy asked if they were finished with the house and he immediately responded, “Yes, we’ve been through it and you can return, although I wouldn’t recommend it.  He’ll be waiting for that.”

“I don’t care.  I won’t let him drive me out!  I worked damn hard for my home and its worth something to me to tell him that!” She replied vehemently.

“Understood.  Let me know when you plan on returning, and I’ll make sure the officers do a quick sweep first to make sure he’s not there and hasn’t left any unexpected surprises for you.”

“Well, I don’t see any time like the present.  Besides my cat, Porsche has gone missing.  I’m concerned about his safety.”

“Then I’ll follow you over and I’ll do the sweep personally.”

“I’m going too, Cassy.  I won’t let you do this alone.”

“Please think before you decide, Maggy.  It’s a very dangerous game.”

“It’s no game, Cassy.  Remember that.  This guy plays for keeps.”

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