Cassy and Maggy waited outside while Myerson completed a sweep of her house and in the interim looked for her missing cat.  They continued searching every corner of the yard, completing a round of the perimeter without a sign of her beloved cat. “Could have headed to the neighbours.  I think I’ll go ask if anyone has noticed him.”

Immediately Maggy stated, “I’ll go with you.  If they don’t mind, we’ll search their back yard.”

Together they completed visiting the closest houses first, front and back on either side.  The occupants all agreed to keep an eye peeled.  He’d probably taken off to escape the carnage or had gone walk-about.  He was the most intelligent cat she’d ever seen, and she was certain he would scatter if trouble was afoot.

Myerson caught up with them and entered alongside them. It was the first opportunity Cassy had had since the break in to really look, and although her vision was poor, she realized it was as extensive as Maggy had suggested.  “Oh, my god, Maggy!”  Unaware, she repeated the same phrase repeatedly as they wandered from room to room.

 The walls were scarred in places while holes were punched in others.  There wasn’t much left of her valuables. The devastation was extreme.  Rubble made navigating the room difficult. Maggy guided her through without comment.  It was a minor victory, when reaching the bedroom, she found her beautiful antiques still standing.  No matter what it took, she’d have them restored.  There had to be somebody that could fix them.

Surprisingly, her bathroom was unscathed.  Why she did not know.  Her clothes were in heaps on top of what was left of her bed.

 “Well I guess I should get started,” Cassy exclaimed with more bravado than she actually felt, in the face of such a daunting task.

“We can use my cell phone to make some calls, get a clean team in here for the heavy stuff and garbage containers for everything else.”

“That’s an awesome idea, Maggy.”

“Is the fridge ok?  I have to keep the drops cold.”

“I’ll go check.”

The devastation was very real and Detective Myerson said, “Cassy, I’m sorry!” Waiting a fraction of a second he added, “Just know you have unlimited support ready, prepared to assist you with anything you need.  The upside being the law does not look kindly on this shit.  He’ll get what’s coming to him, and more.”  There was a look in his eye that she was too afraid to decipher.  She left it alone.  He departed shortly thereafter.

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