Maggy worked shoulder to shoulder with her, silently for the most part, dividing each room into halves as they went; placing usable items on one side and everything else in a pile on the opposite side of the room for easy removal later. Finally, exhausted, Cassy suggested they call it a day and they left.

Covered in dust and debris, they drove through A & W and bought dinner and as their usual custom, sat at the beach to eat.  The silent swish of the waves both settled and calmed while the fresh sea air refreshed and relaxed.

Between bites, Cassy said, “I have to talk to Shawna and explain but I’d rather do it in person.  I’m not looking forward to this, Maggy.  I feel terrible and horribly responsible; this is going to cause so much grief for everyone around me.”

“Cassy, this isn’t your fault!  There is a lunatic out there who’s become fixated on you. It’s his fault!”

“How am I supposed to convince everyone else to take precautions take this seriously when I can’t wrap my mind around it? Hell, I’m not sure I believe it.  We don’t know who it is, and according to Myerson probably wouldn’t believe it anyway?”

 “You do what Myerson said. The hard part will be cutting anyone loose who doesn’t get it.”

“Yes, I suppose your right.”

Cassy certainly wasn’t looking forward to contacting her family either.  Her mom was a worrier and would inevitably press her father into driving up to see her.  She didn’t want them in harm’s way. Her father would always come through in a crunch and if she could explain the situation to him first, he’d more than likely understand and read between the lines keeping her mother calm.

Cassy figured she was the best of both in looks and personality.  She had her father’s slim build and her mother’s eyes and hair. Her father’s tenacity and her mother’s compassion.  As their only daughter, it would have been easy to take advantage of their generosity, but she’d refused, determined to stand on her own even though she knew it had hurt them.



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