She’d begun her own life here and she loved it! She wasn’t about to give it up, not for anything! She knew they would try and use this as an excuse to get her back home. Damn! This was going to be difficult.
After showering, and changing, Cassy began the arduous task of placing calls, starting with those living closest, leaving all others until last.

Her first call was to her grandmother since she may be considered the most vulnerable. Although anyone who knew her, was certainly aware she was a tenacious woman who didn’t take crap from anyone. That thought brought an instant smile to her lips. Since gramma was someone very special and important in her life she used the exact details Myerson had outlined. The more she knew, the more relaxed and watchful she’d be. It was a given.

Her next call was to her parents and since they both picked up, she explained in one go what had happened.  As predicted her mother was all for driving up immediately. Explaining that wasn’t necessary or warranted, she asked them to be vigilant about who they spoke to admonishing caution regarding former friends, or people claiming a long-lost friendship, particularly a stranger that suddenly started asking about her.  She warned about anyone attempting to ingratiate themselves in their lives. If anyone called claiming an acquaintance with her, they were to view them as suspect and immediately inform the police at a number she was going to forward to them.

She cautioned them about online contacts, the mail or opening any unsolicited packages and to refuse anything they hadn’t ordered personally. After assuring them she was grateful for their support, she emphasized she didn’t want anyone trying to act heroically. This guy was damn dangerous. He would be caught in the end, but for now, the lesser road was the right one to travel to protect themselves and her.




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