Jennifer had been a naughty child, not mean, cruel indifferent, just incorrigible and adventurous.  As she looked back through the years, she realized she’d probably given her parents near heart-attacks with her antics.

A tomboy of the first order, there was no risk, no adventure she wouldn’t undertake.  Often playing by the forbidden railroad tracks or down by the river and undertaking risky playtime events like hopping from one parked school bus to another, she’d come home with scrapes, cuts and more.

As she sat watching her own children play, she remembered in detail her childhood with a mixture of delight and chagrin.  Her children weren’t wild carefree abandoned.  An apartment life had robbed them of those pleasures.  They weren’t the outdoorsey types, preferring milder activities, scheduled outings and at most, camping trips.

Although she’d not lived through the upheaval and scares she’d put her parents through, she often wondered if that lifestyle had toughened her up in preparation for her own children’s adventures, which were tame in comparison.

How she’d love to take them back through time so they could experience the joy of that freedom far removed from the restrictions of todays world.



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