Phase Shift

Phase Shift 29

Randal was like a hound dog, diligent and in pursuit.  Of course that’s what he’d been hired to do, and he was good at it.  So far, so good, managing to stay out of the line of fire had been relatively easy, but it was a matter of time before he became aware of the situation that existed.

Every roadblock thrown Randal’s way, he’d managed to overcome.  He still had friends on the force.  The mud thrown hadn’t really stuck.  Got him thrown off the force, which in retrospect hadn’t gone as planned and resulted in the reverse, throwing Randal directly in her path, opening the way for him to become the lead investigator on the theft.

Ok, she’d have to deal with that another way.  Although she’d managed the first theft, she wasn’t responsible for the second.  That was on someone else.  Now she had to keep an eye on Randal and whoever else had found the loop hole.  She cruised on back through her activities wondering if she’d left an opening for someone else to use.

Although she couldn’t categorically say no, she’d carried out her activities with precision, monitoring every movement, she couldn’t be 100% sure.  Since she wasn’t responsible, then who was?  Had someone been watching her?  Had she come under another’s scrutiny and radar? If so, when, and who?  Was it possible to undo what had occurred, shift blame elsewhere?  Did she have her ducks in a row as planned?

What of her faithful husband? Keeping him in line was another issue entirely.  Unaware of her duplicity, he’d be crestfallen and shattered.  Sighing, she decided some things couldn’t be helped. Even though she cared, she cared about money more.

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