O (A to Z Challenge)

Mandy watched her folks sitting side by side, laughing, reach out to hold hands sharing a moment as they listened to their favourite music.  They touched caressed expressed the affection they shared openly, to some perhaps outrageously.

Their arguments over a million topics could be heated in a nano-second, or open-minded and ongoing, or they’d laughingly agree at some absurdity that was currently the craze.

She sat smiling as her father’s voice could be heard above the music as he sang, “my one and only” kissing her lips and pulling her head to his so their foreheads touched.

It was romantic, it was special, it was delightful.  Mandy wanted, needed to capture this moment forever, snapshot it so she’d never forget what true love looked like.

If she found someone that special to share her life with, she’d consider herself lucky indeed. She wondered if there were a man out there as open and freely giving as her father, for her.  Someone she could be as intimately with as they were, their relationship so seemingly effortless. Someone who would honour and value her as she did him. The bar they’d set was high, her ideals higher.



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