Phase Shift

Phase Shift 30

Sherry was an observer today.  She would pay close attention but in the end, if their idea didn’t fit with her ideals, she would back out of the opening.  Level headed, relaxed, her idea of promoting health and well-being wasn’t centered around making the client happy.  Sometimes they had to push to reach their goals.  She used humour and light hearted fun to encourage her clients through a difficult pose or level. She wouldn’t back down or take abuse from the women she’d watched the last time out.  It wasn’t her nor was it her way.

When she returned to her own classes, she watched with pride and admiration as the women worked and stretched, in an effort to reach previously set goals, determined to attain them.  They were the women she enjoyed being with and around.

Their goals varied.  While some were working on strengthening and toning their body to improve balance, strength or for flexibility, others sought to wanted to lose weight.  Others had come to her hoping yoga would increase lubrication of joints, ligaments and tendons.  Some were looking to increase spinal flexibility, core strength, or working to strengthen problem joints like knees hips and ankles.  Several were working on reducing chronic problems with lower back pain.   As she stretched in preparation for the next class, she thanked the yoga exercises, postures and meditation for increasing mental concentration, significantly reducing stress and anxiety.

Whatever they wished to work on, Sherry walked them through step by step, participating, taking time to show them individually, how to make little improvement to give them the most benefit for their efforts.  She was dedicated and involved, taking each woman’s goals personally.  It was personal.

Her clients, in turn, appreciated her efforts and often reciprocated calling her a task master and a masochist then winking and she’d laugh long and hard. This was good.  They were wonderful.  Not for the first time, she wondered about this change and her priorities which she’d called into question several times lately.



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  1. I am a fan of face yoga… and have the deepest esteem for yogis… but I am totally numb when it comes to doing those body exercises… 😄😄

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