Had to do this because my grand daughter wanted to play a prank.  She was adorable and laughed so hard when she accomplished it.  She still adds “ded” onto  words occasionally. So here is a little sweetness from yesterday!  It sure made me smile, but then I was the recipient of the idea and expressions. This after watching several videos on possible pranks (luckily I talked her out of the hanging ketchup that squirted everywhere and several others like the exploding hat) Hope you enjoy. Someone has sparkles on their tushy! haha never found out who! smirk smirk as no one is talking, hahaha


Gramma can we play a crank?

The ones on u-tube, so funny

Oh I declared, you mean a prank

Yeah, Gramma, this guy had money

He taped-ded it to the tap

Someone got splashed-ded

Or the guy with the hat

It was fuuunny a blast

Luckily I talked her out of messy

Instead she found some glitter-ey

Hid it in the toilet paper

Thinking it quite a caper





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